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Entries in Puzzle Quest (2)


MN Zero Puzzle Quest 10

When: Sunday, March 25th. Team check-in at 11:30, game start at Noon.

Where: 4544 4th Avenue South Minneapolis, Watershed School

(Specific location to be announced later! Duration is expected to be
several hours - when we're more sure of the duration, we'll let on.)

Ready your teams of approximately 4 for another puzzle hunt!

MN0PQ is a puzzle-solving race through unexpected environs. The
solution to each unique puzzle will point to the next puzzle's
location. The first team to make it to the end (and take the fewest
hints) wins, but everyone will have fun. Teams should have three to
four players and may want to bring pencils, paper, clipboards,
scissors, tape, hats, and BRAINS. The puzzle hunt can be completed on
foot, and any lengthy puzzles will have warm, sheltered space in which
to complete them.

MN0PQ puzzles feature a mixture of logic, lateral thinking,
exploration, and experimentation. The puzzles are challenging and
designed for groups of 4. But fear not: There is a hint system
available, so if a puzzle is particularly annoying, you can skip it
(at the cost of points).

Registration is hereby open!

Send an email to to register your team. We need a
team name and an email address for full teams. Also let us know if you
have a complete team of four, if you are a single player looking for a
team, or if you are a team looking to adopt a player.

If you want to volunteer to help in any way, let us know! We will
definitely need help on game day, as well as for preparation. Also,
playtesting is always helpful!

Spread the word! Facebook event page is here:


MN0PQ 9: The Stars Are Right

The world of which one symptom is the moon is the same world of which one symptom is the poet. 
--Alan Watts

When: Saturday, May 14th 12:00 p.m.

Starting Location: To be announced on Friday the 13th.

To Register: Email with your Team Name and the names of your players. Four players are recommended, three is also acceptable.

MN0PQ is an outdoor puzzle-solving race. The solution to each unique puzzle will point to the next puzzle's location; the first team to finish wins. Teams should bring pencils, paper, clipboards, scissors, tape, and BRAINS! You may bring any portable electronic devices that you wish to lug about, but they will not help you. Bicycles, roller skates, Segways, automobiles and similar devices are forbidden; be prepared to travel outdoors, on foot.*

Registration for MN0PQ:9 will be capped at 15 teams. Should this cap be reached, teams will be permitted to include a 5th player. If you are registering with fewer than 4, please indicate whether you are open to taking an extra player (highly recommended).

*Persons with disabilities are more than welcome to use assistive technologies in place of feet.