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Skyway Stag Hunt

When: Saturday, Feb 5th, 4:00pm

Where: Symphony Place Apartments, Skyway Level (2nd floor)

After reports that he was nearly caught and eaten by voracious snowed-in gamers during the December blizzard, The Stag has once again been spotted in the Skyways and The Hunt is on!

Will your team be the one to capture the elusive Skyway Stag? Don't get enchanted by The Hare! Grab your friends and join us 90 minutes of searching, chasing and collaboration in the streets above the streets.

Skyway Stag Hunt is the latest free public street game presented by your fine friends at MNZERO.


Global Game Jam 2011

When: Saturday, Jan. 29th (10:00am) & Sunday, Jan 30th (until 3:00pm)

Where: Geek Partnership Society, Waterbury Building
1121 Jackson Street Northeast #106/106A
Minneapolis, MN 55413 map 

Organizer: Lauren

Global Game Jam (GGJ) is the world's largest annual game design event in which participants come together to create small, innovative and experimental games based on a given theme in a 48-hour period. At each location, participants work in teams and engage in creative thinking and collaborative play while learning more about game design and connecting to thousands of other game enthusiasts participating throughout the world.

MNZERO is organizing the first Minnesota GGJ site, and we have the unique honor of hosting the first "analog only" GGJ site: participants can create essentially any kind of game other than a video game. (Nothing against video games, we just don't have the infrastructure to host that version of the event. When we found out that the GGJ was adding board games to this year's event, we proposed running our own low-tech version to the GGJ organizers, and they said, "Go for it!" So we did.)

The MNZERO Jam is free and open to the public, though donations to help us cover the cost of basic supplies will be accepted and appreciated. No special knowledge or professional game design experience is needed - everyone is welcome.

Special thanks to the Geek Partnership Society for agreeing to host the event in their space in the Waterbury Building.

MNZERO Global Game Jam 2011 Site Listing

General Information about Global Game Jam 2011

email mnzero


Eye of Horus

A Photo Scavenger Hunt of Mythic Proportion

When: Sunday, August 15th, 2010

Where: Northeast Minneapolis

Organizers: Burn Unit, BlueTulip, and Lauren

A four part excursion to recover the body of Osirus and thwart the schemes of Set. Teams employ the godlike powers of their camera to find and recapture fragments of the lost body. In each part, the teams strive to outdo each other with feats of capture and exploration of the world...including their own inner world. Culminating in a final judgment that decides who most pleases Isis and gains the favor of the gods!

  • Teams of 4-5 
  • Only one camera needed per team
  • Bring a cable if yours is not mini-usb for some reason
  • Digital or film


Film camera teams would have to do their own processing or pay for their own 1-hour processing. Thus film team start time will be 1 hour ahead:4:00PMYOU MUST notify organizers if you are a film team! "Surprise" film teams who show up without warning will be welcome to play, but unable to compete. 

Staff/volunteers needed: 4 field agents, 1-2 additional in house staff, 1 field staff.

Our base venue is at 1121 Jackson Street NE, suite 135. And we are grateful to GPS for cosponsoring this event!


Journey to the End of the Night

When: Saturday, May 1st, 2010

Where: Everywhere (but starting at Tower Hill park).

Organizers: Kannon + JJason + Burn Unit

The city spreads out before you. Rushing from point to point, lit by the slow strobe of fluorescent buses and dark streets. Stumbling into situations for a stranger's signature. Fleeing unknown pursuers, breathing hard, admiring the landscape and the multitude of worlds hidden in it.

For one night, drop your relations, your work and leisure activities, and all your usual motives for movement and action, and let yourself be drawn by the attractions of the chase and the encounters you find there.

Journey to the End of the Night is a free street game played across the Twin Cities.

Players sporting colored ribbons will try to make it through a series of checkpoints on foot or by public transportation, while avoiding being caught by chasers. Those who survive will be praised and feted at the end. Those who fall will become chasers themselves doomed to pursue their former friends and allies. 

No bicycles, no skates, no cars, no taxis. You may only travel on foot or by public transportation. Wear comfortable shoes, and bring water.

Prizes awarded for top finishers and best chasers. 

Created by Antiboredom in San Francisco in 2006 and released under a Creative Commons Attribution/Non-Commercial license, Journey to the End of the Night is a free street game of epic proportion that has been run by hard-working volunteers in cities around the world from London to Los Angeles. This game is staffed entirely by die-hard volunteers who love fun and cities. It is run on a $0 budget without any kind of sponsorship. For more info, see,

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