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Espionage Game Seeks Stealthy Playtesters

Saturday, April 30th, we’ll be playtesting a new espionage game!

Asylum features the following fun...
  • Shadowing people through busy Uptown streets.
  • Taking classy surveillance photos.
  • Staging elaborate distractions.
  • Passing secret messages.

Details about the game can be found on Facebook or right over here.


MNzero needs help!

We're compiling a calendar of local events: upcoming games, recurring conventions, anything that zeroistas might want to attend (or schedule around). Here's what we have so far...

If you know of anything we should add, please leave a link or some dates in the comments.


Non-Stop Monster Mash

Our project for Global Game Jam 2011 involves natural selection, group pantomime, and non-stop monster fights! Check it out at the link below and browse through other 1400+ submissions!



MNZERO gets a new home on the web.

Welcome to MNZERO's brand spankin' new website. The paint is still fresh, so watch your step.

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