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From paleontological puppetry to recreational espionage...

Dino Hunt was a roaring success! Thanks to everyone who showed up and flung whiffle balls, but special thanks to all the volunteer puppeteers. (If you've got photos from the event, post them on Facebook or let us know below.)

Next up: Another round of Asylum (July/Aug dates TBD). Stay tuned...


Dinosaur Hunters Wanted!

Have you ever wanted to hurl your mighty spear at a rampaging sauropod? Or dodge the deadly beaks of dive-bombing pterodactyls? Good news! Saturday, July 9th is your chance to do all this, plus have a nice vegetarian picnic in Minnehaha Park.

It all starts at 4:00. Look for the puppets.

Dino Hunt!



Volunteer Puppeteers Needed!

Have you ever wanted to fend off hungry tribes of primeval vegetarians with one, titan swing of your tail? Or hunt them from above with your leather wings and deadly talons? Saturday, July 9th is your chance to fulfill these incredibly bizarre dreams!

Dino Hunt needs your help!

No previous puppeteering experience necessary. All skills, except running really fast, will be taught. Your vegetarian picnic will be on the house.

Sound good? Then register your interest in the comments below or find the Facebook Event.


Happy Anniversary, JTTEOTN SF!

Journey to the End of the Night is celebrating its fifth anniversary in San Francisco, this weekend. Our hats are off to you. (To those participating, we've got the inside scoop on the final checkpoint! You're welcome.)



JTTEOTN: STP - Call for Volunteers

This September 17th, Journey to the End of the Night is coming to the city of Saint Paul. Sign up at our facebook event and start your preparations!
Call For Volunteers

Journey needs you! Without the work of many selfless volunteers, Journey to the End of the Night can't happen.

  • Checkpoint Agents to put together some incredible checkpoints for the runners to visit. Teams of 2-5 people are encouraged to volunteer together. Check out these links for examples of excellent checkpoints from Journeys past: Vienna 2010, San Francisco 2009, Minneapolis 2010Washington DC, 2010, and Oakland 2009. We need 5–6 teams of checkpoint agents. 
  • Staff Chasers Do you like running? Scaring people? Chasing? Chasing on a bike? Chasing a skateboard? With a jetpack? In costume? Then you'll like being a staff chaser! We need 4-7 staff chasers. 
  • Photographer/Videographers to document the game. We need 1 or 2 official photographers.
  • Graphic Designers to make cool posters and a map.

E-mail to volunteer.